Thinking in solutions. Translating requirements and wishes into user-friendly and affordable end products. This is our strength, based on years of experience, a profound knowledge of the material and a genuine interest in its uses. We don’t believe in Can’t be done!…..

In the late Sixties our founders Wim and Wilhelmien Delisse started a greenhouse farming company in tomatoes. To stimulate the growth and development of these tomatoes they devised and tested several metal and synthetic products. Finally they devised the vertical hook or high-wire hook. The perfect product for suspending or (regularly) lowering plants to stimulate their growth. The huge success of this product led to the foundation of W.D. Products BV in the early Nineties.

Through the years we expanded our range with a variety of wire products like:
- Crop wire
- Wire suspender hooks
- Sun wire systems
- Support brackets
- Suspension brackets
- Gutter brackets
- Strawberry brackets
- Drip hose hooks
- Spring clip

These days, the next generation has continued the company. In 2006, after ten years of learning the ropes, Willem Delisse took charge of W.D. Products Metaal BV.

The company’s founders now focus on developing and manufacturing the vertical hook/high-wire hook with rope under the name of W.D. Products Trade BV. In 2005 they developed the Quickhook system, which saves more time and therefore money than the “classic method”.
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From the beginning of 2009 W.D. Products Metaal BV will bear the company name WDP Draadbewerking BV.

These days, due to the development and growth, the new company name WDP Draadbewerking BV better suits the business activities: development and production of wire products from 0,8 to 12 mm.

Our company motto remains unchanged:
‘Thinking in solutions. Translating requirements and wishes into user-friendly and affordable end products’.

Berrie Schuurman has worked in the field since Day One. He will visit you on appointment. He is the man to talk to if you want to discuss brackets or hooks.

For more information about specific products, please contact us.