Sagging Calculator

The length of the crop wire for a variety of bed sizes.
The weight of the crop places a load on the crop wire and prevents it from staying horizontal.The correct extent of “sagging” of the crop wires is very important.

The length of the crop wire is determined by:

- the bed size
- the bow per bed
- the number of beds
- the end fastening

The actually necessary length of the crop wire per bed is shown in the following tables. For the explanation of the capital letters, please study the following drawing.

Calculation example 
Bed size: 5.00 meter, number of beds: 40, sagging crop wire: 200 mm, the end fastening. Number of meters crop wire necessary: 40 beds x 5021.31 mm crop wire/bed + 1 x 500 mm for the end fastening = 201352 mm or 201.5 meter.