Spring clip for adhesive foil strips

Adhesive foil strips are commonly used in horticulture to clear pests in places with a large infestation of whitefly, leaf miner, aphid, thrips ans moss fly, as well as other flying insects. Until now fastening adhesive foil strips - either with string, pegs, staples ets. - has been a time consuming job.

In 2010 WDP Draadbewerking developed the optimum SPRING CLIP, helping to fasten adhesive foil strips quickly and simply.

The SPRING CLIP is easy to adjust in height, and the adhesive foil strips can't double-fold. The adhesive foil strips are pushed into the SPRING CLIP from the bottom, which provides ease of use when fastening ans removing the adhesive foil stips. the V3® wire SPRING CLIP provides optimum fastening as well as quality that lasts!

- Time saving with quick and easy fastening of the adhesive foil strips.

- Height adjustable. Adjust upwards with one finger without the SPRING CLIPS shifting down again by itself.

- No double-folding. The adhesive foil strips are fastened across the full height which prevents double-folding.

- Adhesive foil strip remains intact. The design ensures that the adhesive foil strip is threaded through the bracket, without this being cut by too-sharp clasps.

- Multi-use of the SPRING CLIP as it is made with V3® wire.

- Ease of use in fastening and removing the adhesive foil strips.

- You can fasten on:
  - Steel cables
  - Threaded rods (all rod sizes between)
  - Profiles
  - ans on chains

The SPRING CLIP has proved its worth time and again since 2010!

For more information please download our flyer.